New Era Training Facility Addition

"The renovations include an additional 25-thousand square feet, upgrades to the weight room, space for sleep pods, float tanks, a yoga studio, and a massage room. Individual rooms for chiropractic needs and massages are also included. The addition will be two-stories and will connect the fieldhouse and the administrative building."

Buff State Science Phase 2.png
Academic Science Building

Renovation of a 4 story educational building with low floor to floors and lab equipment.  The basement structure of this building was scanned to utilize the existing steel penetrations for new plumbing and piping to maximize interstitial space.  The coordination revealed an issue in the design that would have amounted to a $40,000+ change order among thousands of various  clashes.

Hotel and Casino Expansion

Coordination and Modeling were completed for this casino/hotel/amenities expansion.  The architect of record did not create BIM models so they were created to complete the coordination and create some preliminary renderings for marketing the banquet facilities.  Coordination was done on all phases of the expansion including the restaurant, existing casino renovation, new casino expansion, 4 story hotel, and the amenities building housing the banquet hall, pool, spa, restaurant, and back of house services.

Church Overall Site Model.JPG
Church 3D Scan and Model

Contracted to scan existing conditions of 3 buildings on the church grounds, Rexis completed the internal and external scan and model of all 3 buildings and located based on survey points.  The model was set to a level 300/400 for the exterior and basic interior components and the intent was to capture historic preservation information as well as document for design purposes.

Reception Area.jpg
Small Office Renovation

To help a client visualize their new office space that was currently being lived in as a residence, I went to the space and took some measurements.  I then modeled the space and did some layouts and renderings.  This process was quick and allowed the client to see where he wanted to put furniture and what he wanted for flooring finishes and paint.

Tremont MEP 3D.JPG
3D Design Coordination

Rexis, hired by the owner, modeled and coordinated an 87,800 sqft mixed use apartment building in Bronx, NY.  All trades were modeled and coordinated to work through any design issues that could prevent schedule delay and added costs during construction.   2D drawings were compiled to distribute to sub-contractors as their start to shop drawings.

ECMC Coordination.png
Hospital Renovations

Renovations were completed on 2 floors of an existing hospital.  The hospital was scanned after demo to capture all existing to remain mechanical systems and provide the least amount of disruption for operating services.  Coordination was completed around existing services and scans were used to capture pre-board and as-built conditions.